Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day Past

Jake and Madison were about 5 and 7. I woke up to the sound of them in the kitchen directly below my bedroom. Because it was Mother's Day, I knew to wait. 

The scent of coffee drifted up and scared me a little. I couldn't quite imagine how they had figured out how to make coffee. This was the first Mother's Day without a father around to help them. Eventually I heard them ascending the stairs and chattering about how to manage without spillage. They entered my bedroom with the tray. A cup of coffee, a flower in a vase, some juice and a stack of toast. 

"Happy Mother's Day!" they both exclaimed, beaming with pride. I praised them lavishly for their detailed presentation.  "You even cut the crusts off of the toast for me!"I said, as I took a bite. I looked at Jake and he just smiled, but Madi chimed in loud and proud, "Well, that's because they were BLUE!"

Happy Mother's Day.