Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day Past

Jake and Madison were about 5 and 7. I woke up to the sound of them in the kitchen directly below my bedroom. Because it was Mother's Day, I knew to wait. 

The scent of coffee drifted up and scared me a little. I couldn't quite imagine how they had figured out how to make coffee. This was the first Mother's Day without a father around to help them. Eventually I heard them ascending the stairs and chattering about how to manage without spillage. They entered my bedroom with the tray. A cup of coffee, a flower in a vase, some juice and a stack of toast. 

"Happy Mother's Day!" they both exclaimed, beaming with pride. I praised them lavishly for their detailed presentation.  "You even cut the crusts off of the toast for me!"I said, as I took a bite. I looked at Jake and he just smiled, but Madi chimed in loud and proud, "Well, that's because they were BLUE!"

Happy Mother's Day.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

While We Try to Teach Our Children All About Life, Our Children Teach Us What Life Is All About

Originally posted May 8, 2008

Yesterday, I was relaxing on my front porch when I realized it was past time for my daughter to walk to her violin lesson down the street. I ran upstairs and reminded her. Madison is 13...a freckle-faced, beanpole that is almost taller than me. I'm reminded everyday what an awkward age 13 is. Still a child, but growing into an adult...too fast somedays. She has daily pressures to hurry up the growth process and I try my best to slow her down.

She grabbed her violin and was out the door. For a minute she walked out of my view behind our bushes and I was just about to yell "Hurry!", but just as I opened my mouth, she came into view.

Sauntering slowly along, with a dried-up dandelion in her hand, she blew the seeds into the air and watched them parachute around her.

I shut my mouth and smiled.

Take all the time you need, dear one.